Starting Just Another Newsletter...

The what and the why


I love blogs. their fluid and messy nature. the way they weave and bob on the internet. a set of thoughts almost automatically dated after writing.

I also love Twitter so much that I’ve work there as a Product Manager for the past 4 years – tweets have filled much of the blog void for me but there’s more I want to say that the form factor (currently) doesn’t allow. My hope is this newsletter allows for a bit more nuance: larger than a tweet, shorter and more informal than a Medium post.

And so here we are - I’m starting “Just Another Newsletter”. In a way this is like going back in time - my first “blog” was a series of late-night angsty rants to the college dorm list-serve about George W. Bush (often followed by replies from my roommate who had a huge Bush/Cheney poster over his bed - he’s a wonderful person btw). Since then, I’ve started and deprecated a handful of others. It’s now almost a few decades since the first and I’m going back to email…

What will this be about? Probably some tech, probably about the books I’m reading (these tend to shape my worldview at the time) and probably more about just being in the Bay Area in 2019 with two kids and making sense of it all.

Here we go!